Troy and Darlene Vaughn

Troy and Darlene Vaughn were blessed with a vision which would eventually become Christ-Centered Ministries (CCM), a non-profit aimed towards aiding underserved communities in Los Angeles.

The vision of Christ-Centered Ministries was conceived in the heart and soul of Pastor Troy Vaughn in 1993. Troy was a victim of drug and alcohol addiction for several years. After rededicating his life back to Christ in December of 1992, Troy found himself at the doors of the Union Rescue Mission in Downtown Los Angeles.

The URM has a Christian Life Recovery program that helps men and women get back on their feet. While in the program, Troy saw the need for a type of service that would augment their mission for transitional housing.

With the support of his wife Darlene, Troy completed the program and went on to earning a dual graduate degree in business and religion with honors. Troy and Darlene became members of the evangelistic team as well as the young adult’s ministry. While Troy was happy serving God at his church, there remained a burning desire to help those who were still suffering from the illnesses that he himself had overcome. Troy began to speak at various churches and para-church organizations on the subject of drug addiction. In 1996, Troy and Darlene moved to the Inglewood, California and received their ordination as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Fueled by a burning desire to see men and women delivered from the chains of addiction, they then formed Christ-Centered Ministries.

Today, CCM continues working tirelessly with the missions of the downtown skid-row area and correctional facilities in an effort to build bridges for men and women trying to transition out of their recovery treatment programs. Working with local churches in the City of Inglewood, CCM formed alliances that served as avenues for the graduates once they left the mission’s program.

Van ministries were birthed at local churches to pick-up graduates from the missions. This served as the catalyst to institute recovery-based teaching components at the local churches, in an effort to better educate the church members on the plight of the individuals they are trying to help, in addition to offering a unique style of teaching that deals with everyday struggles. This partnership has been successful with many churches, but none more so than Inglewood Community Church which is where Troy and Darlene serve as pastors. CCM received its non-profit status from the federal government in April of 1999 and made plans to build its first transitional home here in the City of Inglewood by the summer of 2006.

As of 2019, Christ-Centered Ministries has 12 transitional homes that are supporting 240 clients. They are eager to extend their service towards developing permanent supportive housing and community resource centers. CCM has received several commendations for their efforts in terms of dealing with the plight of the homeless. Troy and Darlene are overjoyed to see their dream of helping those in need, come to fruition.

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