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A crucial missing step in the road from homelessness to a restored life is a fully funded and operating transitional housing program. Transitional housing can be best defined as a home environment that is structured to help individuals with their transition from homelessness back to an independent lifestyle.

Over the last five years, the availability of temporary housing beds (Emergency Shelter, Safe Haven, and Transitional Housing) has decreased by 9%! CCM has taken on the challenge by increasing available transitional housing to our neighbors in Los Angeles.

We believe all lives are worthy of restoration. Our goal is to help these homeless individuals get back on their feet by providing them with the opportunity, resources and support to reform the past and step into the future. Those experiencing homeless are not homogenous. By offering a variety of housing and support options, we can ensure that appropriate, supportive environments are available to all of our clients.

When it has few barriers to program entry, transitional housing is one of the most effective approaches to end homelessness for our most vulnerable neighbors who face severe challenges to finding housing.

Our Restoration Reentry Residence program include emergency housing, transitional housing, referrals to long term housing, outreach programs, food services and community living support. By providing services to those who are not considered ‘housing ready’ by other organizations (active substance use and no psychiatric treatment links or medication use), we’ve been successful in breaking the cycles of chronic homelessness, instability and substance use for our clients by providing assertive interventions within a high tolerance environment.

Christ-Centered Ministries operate 12 Community Based Recovery houses, each with a capacity of 20 clients, on rotation throughout the year. That’s a maximum of 240 clients at one time! Since its launch in September of 2017, our Restoration Reentry Residence program has supported over 712 clients and counting.

For all of the neighbors we welcome into our program, we’re dedicated to providing dignity, compassion, and respect for each person’s journey in life. While with us, they’re able to receive quality mental health treatment and other therapeutic services so they can become independent and productive members of the community once again. With your help we can bring our neighbors back home.

Transitional housing is a proven, cost-effective combination of affordable, temporary housing with services that helps people live more stable, productive lives. In the United States, and here in California, we have seen this model consistently work in helping our neighbors break the chains of homelessness and lead restored lives. With your support, we’re able to continue offering our full range of services to our clients and expand availability of care to fellow Los Angelenos.

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