Christ-Centered Ministries (CCM) believes all lives are worthy of restoration, and to this end, we offer integrated-health services, housing, and supportive services related to family reintegration where appropriate. CCM is committed to quality work and superior client service in all aspects of our business.

We have established a standard of excellence in providing quality and value-added services to our clients, while constantly focusing on improvement. It is the CCM employees that make the difference. Every person, in each position, makes a lasting contribution. We maintain professional attitudes and attention to detail are what allows us to achieve our mission.

We value our employees, encourage them to make productive suggestions and want them to succeed at their jobs. In our work culture, we believe that every staff member is endowed by our Creator with gifts and abilities that will contribute invaluably to the successes and profitability of our organization.

Core Values

We encourage growth and development by supporting each other to achieve personal and professional goals at CCM and beyond.
We foster honesty, transparency, cooperation and communication amongst each other.
We promote diversity, inclusion, harmony and teamwork throughout our organization.
We seek to evolve and continue enriching the lives of others through commitment of service.
We strive to use technology and innovation to maximize efficient use of funds and deliver quality service.
We treat each other and our clients in a fair manner with dignity, respect, compassion and understanding.

Career Opportunities

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