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CCM has partnered with Five Keys and the City of Los Angeles, to deliver curb appeal services to guests in our neighboring communities. Together, with our Pit Stop Ambassadors, we will offer amenities, hygiene supplies, and provide information for nearby resources.

The Pit Stop program provides public toilets, sinks, and used needle receptacles to Los Angeles County’s most impacted communities. By providing a place for people to take care of their bathroom needs with dignity, privacy, and safety we able able to help in improving community livability while reducing human waste from the sidewalks, doorways, and streets.

The program’s success is due to that all Pit Stop facilities are staffed by paid Ambassadors who help ensure that the toilets are properly maintained and used for their intended purpose.  Our Pit Stop Ambassadors monitor 16 locations around Los Angeles County to ensure the availability of safe and clean public restroom facilities.

Our Ambassadors ensure sanitary conditions, clean curbs and sidewalks, properly dispose of hazardous used needles, and provide individual hygiene items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sanitation wipes, a bar of soap, razors, and feminine hygiene products.

S Grand Ave & W 38th St

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

S Broadway & 57th St

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

501 San Julian St

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

W 17th St & S Broadway

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

S Hill St & W 5th St

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

Hollywood & Gower

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

N Vermont & Santa Monica

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

Park View & Beverly Blvd

Opens: 8am   |   Closes: 8pm

1623 Ivar Ave

Opens: 9am   |   Closes: 9pm

Los Angeles St & E 5th St

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

El Pueblo - Monument

Opens: 8am   |   Closes: 8pm

S Alvarado St & Wilshire Blvd

Opens: 8am   |   Closes: 8pm

525 N Broad Ave

Opens: 7am   |   Closes: 7pm

Gladys Ave & 6th St

Opened: 24 hours

545 San Pedro St

Opened: 24 hours

San Pedro St & E 5th St

Opened: 24 hours


Currently, we hire and train formerly incarcerated and currently or formerly homeless people as Ambassadors to monitor public bathroom stations in neighborhoods identified as having public health risks associated with the lack of accessible restrooms for homeless populations.  Pit Stop Ambassadors build bridges of trust in the community and provide referrals to services and resources. Crew members are trained in de-escalation strategies and serve as trust-building ambassadors, reaching out to local businesses, and homeless populations.  Coinciding with transitional employment opportunities, Ambassadors receive training, job placement support, and have access to other opportunities within CCM.

Ambassadors are an integral part of our team and help ensure the safety of guest and stations. They work closely with guest who are vulnerable individuals in need of support, understanding, and protection. Ambassadors are responsible for the safety of guest at their assigned station during their scheduled shifts. In addition, they are accountable for the station needs (environment of care, compliance, guest service relations).

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