Bringing Recovery to the World

Christ-Centered Ministries exists to interrupt the cycle of homelessness and poverty through the provision of housing, employment, supportive services, and affordable holistic medical care in a safe and welcoming environment.

We provide services to individuals from across the Los Angeles County with services grounded in evidence-based methodologies (Housing First, Trauma-Informed Care, Harm Reduction, Community Case Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) that emphasize helping participants stabilize, address trauma and biopsychosocial needs, and achieve independent living. The program is staffed by individuals with lived experience who reflect the demographics and experiences of the client population.

Job Training

We believe that every staff member is endowed by our Creator with gifts and abilities that will contribute invaluably to the successes and profitability of our organization.

We strive to:

Create teamwork and trust staff to do their jobs well.

Create an environment where all members are recognized and respected for their contribution.

Recognize employees as individuals and treat them with dignity and respect.

Take pride in our work and our company.

Remain flexible, adaptable, and energetic.

Take on new responsibilities and learn more about our jobs.


Personal Development focuses on improving self-awareness and emotional fortitude through cognitive behavioral therapy, an understanding of trauma for preparation to work in the public sector. 

Public Service focuses on the landscape of homelessness that reduces the challenges people experience, will reduce the degradation of communities struggling to survive.

Operations focuses on the reliability and accountability of local, state, and federal funders that align with meeting metric and compliance standards offering opportunities to serve individuals in the reentry community..

Safety &
Safety and Protocols focus on emergency preparedness along with Food Handlers, Mandated Reporting, Naloxone (NARCAN), First Aid, and CPR training and certifications.
Behavioral Health focuses on the application of, and adherence to, the evidence-based practices of Trauma Informed Care, Housing First, Harm Reduction, Motivational Interviewing though direct staff involvement.