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As of 2pm March 29, 2020 there are 5,763 positive cases and 135 deaths in California. Approximately 83,800 tests had been conducted. This includes the latest numbers California has received from commercial and private labs. At least 27,251 results have been received and another 56,550 are pending. See the CDPH for the latest data. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought forth an unprecedented challenge for our community and the world. Much needed equipment are in severe short supply.

Communities have come together around the world to help one another through supporting each other any way they can. Here are a few ways you can help support CCM’s mission to help our most vulnerable neighbors thrive: Creating Protective Masks An urgent need is for our health care professionals to have protective masks. There are two types of face masks that can help cut your odds of getting coronavirus: surgical face masks and N95 respiratormasks.

While it is ideal to use an N95 respirator mask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that DIY face masks can be made in times of crisis as a last resort and “should ideally be used in combination with a face shield that covers the entire front (that extends to the chin or below) and sides of the face.” These homemade surgical face masks can also be used in conjunction with an N95 respirator mask to help extend the use of it.

Some very creative and industrious people have put up instructional guides on how to create these DIY face masks from home. Below you will find links to a few videos on how to create protective masks.

JOANN Tutorial VideoA.Crafty.Fox TutorialMasksForHeroes Guide

Key things to consider that may not be in every tutorial: It is ill-advised to use both sides of the mask. Wire or metal inserted in top of mask is ideal for forming the mask to the face. Long fabric to tie is better for anyone wearing these over an N95 respirator mask. If you have any surgical face masks and N95 respiratormasks. that you would like to donate, please scroll down to information on how to make an in-kind donation.

Not sure what to donate, a quick financial support can go a long way in helping our clients! Making an online donation is a quick, easy, and secure way to support our organization and the work that we do. You can use your secure online donation form. However, if you would rather to donate by check, please makes checks payable to Christ-Centered Ministries and send to P.O. Box 4153, Inglewood, CA 90309.

You can help keep our homes fully stocked by purchasing items needed daily by staff and clients on our Amazon Wishlist. Like many others, cleaning and daily use items are in high need. Items purchased will be shipped directly to us.

If you have items on hand you would like to donate, we are currently accepting in-kind donations. You can mail them to us or drop them off at our corporate office. Please contact us regarding your donation so we may coordinate to have someone available to be ready for your arrival. You can give us a call (310) 644-4902 at or email us though our online contact form or directly at donate@christcenteredministries.org

If you would like to mail the donation to us, our corporate office is located at 732 N. La Brea Avenue, Inglewood, CA, 90302.  Get the Word Out! Please share this email with others you know who you think can help with this need!