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Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck without so much as a safety net to catch them if things were to take a turn for the worst. A minor incident can lead neighbors and families into unemployment and homelessness in a blink of an eye. The how and why can vary from person to person, but the results are the same. These vulnerable neighbors simply wish to become independent and join mainstream society as a productive citizen, again. The Housing First approach is a successful, cost-effective beginning to combating homelessness which leads them to live more stable, healthy, safe, and productive lives.

However, more is required to ensure a stable recovery. We believe in a Housing First+ model.

When we provide housing and supportive services to those in need it reduces the need for them to commit a crime to survive; prevents the spread of diseases by providing clean water and sanitary conditions; boosts employment skills; and increases their self-worth by restoring hope.

As we combat homelessness with the use of proven models, we’re able to connect people to permanent housing effectively and efficiently while also creating the foundation for long-term life improvement.

One of the pivotal factors in people’s ability to stabilize their lives and get on the road to recovery is having a safe place to call home. This is why Christ-Centered Ministries seeks to address the needs of our neighbors with Housing First plus an extensive array of support services and programs.

We’re able to prevent chronic homelessness by focusing on providing interim Intensive Case Management Services and supportive housing to our neighbors. With the stability of basic necessities being taken care of, like food and a safe place to live, we’re able to offer various programs to engage clients while creating an atmosphere of trust where opportunities for life changing recovery can occur.

Our Restoration Reentry Residence clients require services during their stay in transitional housing in order to successfully acquire and sustain permanent housing. We’re able to address their severe or specific needs in a transitional housing setting with services that lead to recovery then connect them with permanent housing. By taking the Housing First+ approach we have as few barriers as possible for entry and continuation in the program.

Our clients are referred to our Restoration Reentry Residence program through the Office of Diversion and Reentry.